Covid-19 Vaccine Eligibility For 9/11 Survivors

For years, 9/11 survivors and first responders have had disproportionately high rates of a variety of challenging health conditions, many of which put them in high-risk groups for Covid-19. And under the latest round of vaccine eligibility rules, survivors suffering from cancer or pulmonary issues can now qualify for potentially life-saving inoculations.

The sign-up process is the same as it is for other New Yorkers — which is to say, it may be frustrating and take time. Appointments can be made via the online scheduling tool here, and we’ve got previous guides to the latest eligibility rules, as well as how to make a vaccine appointment in Lower Manhattan.

During the sign-up process you’ll see the option to specifically select 9/11-related illnesses as a pre-existing condition (“9/11 pulmonary,” for example), and, though the required amount of paperwork and proof varies depending on your vaccine distribution location, bringing a doctor’s note or a printout of medical records to confirm your condition is helpful to ensure you won’t be turned away.

photo: iStock