Celebrate Valentine’s Day With City Blossoms’ Date Night Kits (And Without Leaving Your Apartment)

Planning for Valentine’s Day is always a stressful business, but this year, the holiday comes with a new set of challenges. Instead of jockeying for reservations at a packed (but romantic!) restaurant, you may find yourself wondering how to make the day feel special from home. 

For all the Lower Manhattan lovebirds out there, City Blossoms has solved at least part of the problem. The beloved neighborhood florists have created a new “Date Night Kit,” which comes with an arrangement of red roses, as well as rose petals and votive candles — the better to create some mood lighting and make your apartment feel a little more like the boutique hotel you theoretically would have splurged for. (Each kit runs $95.)

Perhaps even more importantly, they’re having a sale if you order your V Day arrangements early. Orders with a delivery date between February 8 and February 14 are currently $15 off if you order before February 8 and use the code VDAY21.

City Blossoms’ full collection of Valentine’s Day arrangements can be found here. All you need now is a decadent takeout dinner, and you’ve got the entire night covered (even if you’re spending it at home alone in your sweats).

photo: City Blossoms