Take A Break From Your Present Earthly Concerns With ‘Our Lunar Future’

If you’d like to temporarily escape Our Current Situation here on Earth, perhaps it would help to turn your eyes to the stars. NASA is gearing up to send the first woman and the second man to the moon by 2024, and on this go, they’re hoping to spend a little more time there before tackling the next goal: exploring life on Mars.  

Interested in learning more? You can on Wednesday evening, December 9, when The New York Academy of Sciences hosts a virtual webinar titled “Our Lunar Future.” Moderated by the NYAS’s Kari Fischer, panelists from NASA, Arizona State University and Baylor College of Medicine will join to discuss this next expedition into space and what it means for us earthlings. 

You’ll probably learn something new, and at the very least, the hour and a half presentation will help you remember there’s more to life than what’s immediately in front of you.

You can register here; tickets start at $15 for members, and $35 for nonmembers. The panel begins at 7p. 

photo: iStock