Head To Hana Nails For A Safe, Beautiful Manicure

When it comes to self-care, a global pandemic coupled with the dark, slushy creep of winter can make for a brutal combination. While you might not be rushing around to grab drinks with friends like you normally would, sometimes prioritizing yourself with a little pampering is enough to make the season feel slower and a little more normal.

If a safe, beautiful and no-chip manicure sounds like a much-needed escape, Hana Nails (75 Maiden Lane) is waiting to receive you. The expert nail technicians at Hana have taken every precaution to ensure that anyone getting a manicure, pedicure or nail art services within the salon’s cozy space will be able to do so in a relaxing, risk-free environment.

If you’re considering a COVID-era manicure, the main thing to note going in is that, yes, your experience will be a little bit different than what you were used to pre-pandemic. At Hana Nails, you’ll be required to mask up before entering the salon, and your nail tech will also be decked out in PPE. You should also expect the service to take a little longer than normal, as salon employees will be obligated to disinfect stations and re-apply masks, face shields and gloves after each appointment. 

As always, if you’re feeling sick or feverish, you’re advised to not patronize these businesses at all, just to play it safe.

But aside from a few extra precautionary steps, the experience of getting your gels filled in at Hana Nails will be much as it ever was — breezy, efficient and professional. For many businesses, it’s a sad reality that the customers who decide whether or not to patronize their establishments during the pandemic will be the ones essentially determining their post-COVID futures. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to go get that manicure, don’t let unfounded safety concerns be the thing that stops you.

Regular manicures at Hana Nails begin at $13.50 and manicure-pedicure combos start at $30. To schedule an appointment, call (212) 482-2746.