Brush Up On Mandarin With A Free Lunch-And-Learn From The China Institute

If you’d like to be the kind of person who comes out of quarantine casually telling friends, “Oh, me? I used the pandemic to learn Mandarin,” now’s your chance.

For the past several months, the China Institute has been hosting the free online series “Lunch and Learn, A Mandarin Read-Aloud Cultural Series.” The idea is to give Mandarin students of all levels an interactive digital forum to learn and practice together with the help of language and cultural experts. In addition to language basics, lunch-and-learn sessions also cover classic Mandarin poetry and Chinese cultural history.

The next session is on Friday, December 18, from 12p to 1p (register to attend here), and will include a guest speaker discussing “one of China’s most expressive and historic instruments,” though you’ll have to tune in the day of, if you’re eager for more details.

If you’d like to do some catching up beforehand, the China Institute has months worth of previous sessions on YouTube to keep you busy. 

photo: iStock