Reminder: Blue Spoon Still Has Those Fresh-Baked $1 Chocolate Chip Cookies

Blue Spoon Coffee Company’s shop at 90 William Street has been operating throughout the COVID crisis, and its sister location at 76 Chambers Street reopened over the summer. Like any small-business owner fighting for survival, Heather Teegarden and her crew are braving through it, serving hot, foamy lattes while smiling through masks and keeping their doors open for neighbors who require a caffeine jolt.  

But, unlike most every other cafe on the Isle of Mann that charges way too much for an accompanying nosh, Blue Spoon has an added incentive that’ll win over any sweet-toothed deal-lover: For $1, you can get freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, a delectable sugary pick-me-up that complements the heck out of that java.  

Granted, this treat is hardly new. We’ve raved about Blue Spoon’s cookies before, to our friends and to the strangers that read this blog. But we haven’t wanted to rave too hard, lest the shop be overrun with like-minded bargain hunters who eat all the cookies before we can get to them. But, sigh, we’ll take that risk, because we feel like being generous today. Stop by Blue Spoon for a coffee break and snatch up all that chocolatey goodness before we get there first.

photos: Heather Teegarden