Washington And Hamilton In New York City: The Walking Tour

New York City is home to more than 240 years of rich American history. Few stories are more powerful and moving than that of the partnership between founding fathers George Washington and Alexander Hamilton before, during and after the American Revolution.

And now, thanks to the informative and entertaining “Secrets of the Past” walking tour, you can travel back in time and discover the forefathers’ time spent in Lower Manhattan.

The walking tour is led by licensed tour guide Bruce Racond, who brings history alive in remarkable and little-known Lower Manhattan locations meaningful to the lives and partnership of Hamilton and Washington and the dawn of the United States. Relive the first reading of the Declaration of Independence and the revolt that followed. Snoop into the Culper spy ring. Honor the American soldiers in the Battle of Brooklyn. Applaud Hamilton’s achievement of the Compromise of 1790.

You will stand in awe by the tavern where Washington said farewell to his officers, celebrate at the site of Washington’s momentous inauguration, gain insights into the duel between Hamilton and Aaron Burr, pay your respects at the final resting place of the Hamiltons and much more.

Through fascinating stories along our engaging walk, you will learn about:

—The earlier North American war that led to the epic Revolutionary War

—The first New York reading of the Declaration of Independence

—Washington’s daring and miraculous nighttime river retreat

—The lies and deception of Washington, the great “spymaster”

—The splendid 18th-century chapel where Washington attended services in New York City

—Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison and the Compromise of 1790 in the “room where it happens”

—The letters behind the duel with Vice President Burr

—The resting place of Hamilton and his wife Eliza

There’s so much more! Tickets are $39.95 for adults, $28.95 for children (11 and under) and $31.95 for active and retired members of the military. For more information visit the Revolutionary Tours website.