Outdoor Seating And Coworking Space Comes To Lower Manhattan

If you’re pining for the days of grabbing your laptop and “working” (i.e. snacking and people watching) from your neighborhood coffee shop, we’ve got the next best thing. Internationally renowned design firm Fantastica has launched a sleek new outdoor meeting and co-working space at 55 Water Street.

Aptly named Out-of-Office, the project consists of a series of flexible outdoor seating areas which can be used for solo work, small meetings or just as a place to sit down and eat lunch outside the familiar four walls of your apartment.

The concept is designed to be replicated and easily installed curbside or on open streets, with all elements spaced six feet apart (the better to social-distance) and traffic safety features like barriers and barricades automatically built in.

For now Out-of-Office is first-come, first-served during daylight hours. So if you plan to stake out a spot on the next sunny day, grab a coffee on the way and get there early.