Be Like George Washington And Grab A Small-Batch Brew To-Go From Fraunces Tavern

Fraunces Tavern is a local treasure for history buffs and fans of good beer alike. Its origins date back to before the American Revolution, and it famously served as George Washington’s headquarters (and local drinking spot) during the war.

Now, Fraunces is tasked with making it through COVID-19’s economic fallout. “We’re probably doing better than most, I think, you know. We’re not doing well, but we’re surviving,” owner Eddie Travers told the Downtown Alliance. Fraunces recently started doing deliveries again, so folks can still get its burgers and brews on-demand. Even better, Travers said Fraunces is operating a craft beer shop out of its brick-and-mortar, selling packaged to-go cans of unique beers you won’t be able to get easily elsewhere in the city.

“It’s all small-batch, mostly local New York breweries,” Travers said. “As opposed to the big guys, so they don’t get carried in supermarkets or anything like that. It’s stuff that you, as a customer, would not be able to get by yourself unless you went into a bar.”

Of course, a unique local brew isn’t quite as special as sharing a pint with Washington’s ghost, but it’ll do.