For A Healthy Respite, Take Tai Chi Classes At The Esplanade

As the interminable COVID-19 pandemic continues apace and threatens to further disrupt New Yorkers’ lives well into the winter months, it’s easy to slip into a malaise that could easily discourage you from the proper self-care you deserve. Rather than succumbing to the everyday stressors all around us, picture this: Relaxing in the park at dawn, learning the ancient Chinese martial art of tai chi with instructor Alex Hing, professionally-trained in yang-style tai chi chuan under Grandmaster William C. C. Chen. 

Practiced for both its health and self-defense benefits, tai chi is described by the Mayo Clinic as a “gentle way to increase flexibility and balance,” with the added benefit of reducing stress and anxiety — making it the perfect exercise for anyone looking for a quiet escape from the routine anxiety that can feel all-too-common these days. Situated at Battery Park City’s scenic Esplanade Plaza (between South End Avenue and Liberty Street), the guided classes will be socially distanced and available on a first-come, first-served basis for up to 12 participants. 

The program is scheduled for Fridays in October at 8:30a.

Masks and contact information are required upon arrival, spatial parameters will be set and participants must remain six feet apart for the duration of the class.

photo: alexhingmedia