Shout The F-Word (Feminism) At The Next Pen Parentis Salon

Depending on the results of next week’s election, you might be hearing a lot of F-words being thrown around. But let’s just focus on one for now: Feminism. 

The Pen Parentis Literary Salon is hosting its latest streaming event featuring writers who are also parents that aims to “shatter parental stereotypes” on November 10 at 7p. The salon, titled “The F Word (Feminism)” tackles the theme of feminism. Writers featured include Bushra Rehman (Ms. Magazine’s “100 Best Non-fiction Books of All Time”), fiction writer and literary critic Matt Jakubowski, Robert Levy (“The Glittering World”) and Pen Parentis’s new writing fellow Dawn Ryan. Browse all their books here

The salon, which is sponsored in part by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, will be moderated by Pen Parentis founder M M De Voe and salon curator Christina Chiu. The salon is held on the second Tuesday of each month. 

You can chat with the authors and participate in real time and ask questions during the event or submit them in advance via email.

RSVP here to get the link for the livestream.

photo: iStock