See Downtown From The Sky At The Reopened One World Observatory

After several months of stay-at-home orders and limited international and domestic travel, New Yorkers are itching for some fresh new views. The good news is, One World Observatory is reopening, so you can catch a plane’s-eye-view without having to book a trip.

The Observatory’s reopen debuts on Sunday, November 1 and again on Saturday, November 7 from 11a to 7p. Starting November 14, it’ll be open both weekend days, though note that ticketing is timed to keep the capped capacity at a social distance-friendly 25%. Still, it’s a great time to play tourist and visit. There’s the breathtaking view, of course — the Observatory is 102 stories up — but also the reminder that the pre-pandemic New York you remember is still there.

The Observatory shows you everything: the bridges, the skyscrapers, the rivers, the Statue of Liberty, a whole other state, the twinkling lights of a living, breathing city below. It is proof that the world extends beyond your couch, your block, your walk to and from the grocery store. For months, we’ve contended with a shrunken universe. But the edges still extend outward, even if it’s been some time since you last let yourself take a long look.

You can reserve your ticket online.