Learn About China’s Farm-To-Table Culture Without Leaving Your Home

International travel is probably not in the cards anytime soon, so let’s take a trip to China — virtually — and learn about some of the region’s farm-to-table culinary traditions. 

The China Institute (100 Washington Street) is hosting the latest installment of its free “Taste of China” series on November 17 at 9p. You’ll get to travel with the institute’s experts to Hangzhou, one of China’s most important cultural centers and a retreat for Chinese emperors, to learn about the area’s great cuisines and traditions.

Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province, where the food is known for soft flavors, mellow fragrances and freshness. The area has adopted a farm-to-table sensibility, focused on health and sustainability, driving restaurants like Dragon Well Manor. The restaurant’s founder Dai Jianjun is leading a movement to return to traditional values driven by nature, notably documenting every farmer, chicken and vegetable that comes into his kitchen. 

The free event will be hosted by Dorinda Elliott, director of programs at the China Institute and Zhang Mei, founder and CEO of WildChina.

Register for the live-streamed event here

photo: iStock