Tank Your Cholesterol (In A Good Way) At City Acres’ Brooklyn Beef ‘N Cheese

Sometimes, on a gray day or a dull day or a hangover day or truly any day, all you need is a little comfort food — preferably doused in thick gravy and hot cheese. Enter: Brooklyn Beef ‘N Cheese, a relative newcomer to 70 Pine Street’s City Acres Market. Ironically, Brooklyn Beef ‘N Cheese isn’t in Brooklyn, but what it sells is a classic Brooklyn roast beef sandwich, the likes of which you’d generally have to go all the way to Coney Island to get. 

Owner Jesse Brownfeld was born and raised in our neighboring borough, and he brought some classics over to our side: crisp tater tots, turkey burgers, chopped cheeses, Italian sausage and other delightful meaty, cheesy bites. But the best offering is the classic roast beef sandwich, which comes slider-style on two mini brioches. Thick slices of tender roast beef pair perfectly with hot gravy and oozy, melted cheese. Plus an order comes with a side of tots. Expect to be catatonic for a couple hours post-sandwich, but it’s definitely worth it.

photo: Jesse Brownfeld