Donate A Pint Of Blood, Get A Free Pint Of Beer

Like everything else right now, the New York Blood Center is going through a tough time, with blood supplies at “dangerously low” levels thanks to the pandemic. You can help fix this by donating a pint of blood this week — and getting a pint of beer in appreciation. 

Stout NYC (90 John Street) is partnering with the Blood Center to host a blood drive on Thursday from 1p to 7p. Usually, donating blood comes with juice and cookies afterwards, but this time you get that and a gift certificate for a free pint of beer from Stout. You should probably wait a day or so to use it after donating, though.

Donating blood is an easy way to save a life: the process is safe, with temperature checks at the door and spaced-out stations to ensure socially distancing. Sometimes it takes less than half an hour to donate too. 

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photo: @stout_nyc