Seamore’s Teaches You How To Shuck Oysters

If watching “Back to the Future” on Seamore’s outdoor patio isn’t your thing, the locavores at Brookfield Place’s seafood outfit have something else in store: oyster-shucking and wine-pairing classes. Beginning Monday, August 31, each 90-minute tutorial provides hands-on demonstrations in the art of shucking, tasting and pairing several oyster types to the best wine varietal. Just think of it as one of those Montauk-ready side skills that’ll come in handy at future summer soirées, or when you’re craving wine and saltwater snacks. .   

Each class is $90 and includes wine pairings for four kinds of local, East coast oysters. Attendance maxes out at 35 guests to meet social-distancing requirements. 

photo: @seamores