New York City’s Phase 4: What’s Reopening

New York City is moving forward with Phase 4 of its reopening, beginning Monday, July 20. Here’s a heads-up on just what that entails.

—Large outdoor cultural venues, such as the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Garden, are set to reopen so long as they maintain 33 percent of their total capacities.

—Professional-sports competitions can resume, but without spectators. So, yes, the New York Yankees and New York Mets will take the field in their respective stadiums, but without any fans.

—Media productions can begin for companies that have been planning shoots for films, music videos and such.

—Pre-K to Grade 12 schools are set to reopen, so long as the infection rate remains under, though the specifics of which are still not quite nailed down. Mayor de Blasio and local officials have said that schools will not undergo a complete reopen, with smaller attendance requirements and maybe not a five-day weekly schedule; virtual-learning plans have been in discussion. Governor Cuomo has said that he will make a decision in August.

—Outdoor seating for dining is still in effect, as is getting to-go drinks from your favorite restaurants.

New York State has published a guidance page for each of the industries set to reopen in Phase 4.

Indoor venues and restaurants will still remain closed, with no opening date in sight. That includes museums, gyms and malls. Cuomo said on Friday that he is anticipating a “man-made” second wave of COVID-19 to reenter New York, based on the outbreaks we’ve been seeing across the continental United States. “It would be a wave that comes from the West and the South,” he said. “We are painfully aware now that an outbreak anywhere is an outbreak everywhere.”

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