Dog Runs And Recreational Areas Are Open. Here’s What You Need To Know.

With the city beyond its Phase 3 reopening, New Yorkers can access dog runs and recreational areas. In Lower Manhattan, that means your furry family members will have the chance to stretch their legs at the following locations:   

—Little West Dog Run (70 Little W Street)

—Sirius Dog Run at Kowsky Plaza (385 South End Avenue)

—North End Dog Run at Liberty Green (300 North End Avenue)

—Tribeca Dog Run (114 Warren Street)

—South Street Dog Park (56-50 South Street)

—Dog Park, East River Esplanade South

People from NYC Parks will circulate masks and keep eyes out to ensure everyone (human, that is) is keeping six feet apart from one another. They will also likely direct traffic in parks when and if certain sections become too crowded.

Also, it’s important to remember that COVID-19 is still out there. So there are rules to follow in order to keep everyone safe from the spread of the virus — namely, maintaining social-distance guidelines, wearing a mask (keep that thing clean, too) and washing your hands frequently.

Also, here’s a list of public bathrooms in Lower Manhattan. Definitely keep on your masks in there, and use hand sanitizer before and after. One final note: It’s awfully hot out there, so be sure to bring plenty of water!

photo: iStock