New York City’s Curfew Has Ended: What You Need To Know

Mayor de Blasio lifted New York City’s unprecedented 8p curfew a day early, announcing on Sunday morning that the move was effective immediately. “We saw the very best of our city,” he said, referring to the peaceful protests that took place all weekend. Later on Sunday, de Blasio attributed the early-curfew lift to “an end to the property damage we saw earlier in the week” and “more and more peaceful protestors coming out.”

“Honestly I hope it is the last time that we’ll ever need a curfew in New York City,” de Blasio said. “So the curfew has ended. It is out of effect. It will not be coming back.”

This means you are thankfully free to walk outside your apartment; it also means the ongoing peaceful protests can continue. And, for night-drivers, traffic is now open below 96th Street. And Citi Bikes, Ubers and Lyfts are back to their regular round-the-clock schedules. 

The subway is still shuttered between the hours of 1a and 5a for COVID-related deep-cleaning, however. For overnight commuters, more information on that front can be found here.

photo: iStock