New York City Beaches Have Reopened. Here’s What You Need To Know.

Eight public beaches have reopened in the city, according to the mayor’s office, which means New Yorkers have the opportunity to go for a swim and cool off at the following spots:

—Orchard Beach, the Bronx

—Coney Island, Brooklyn

—Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

—Rockaway Beach, Queens

—Midland Beach, Staten Island

—South Beach, Staten Island

—Cedar Grove Beach, Staten Island

—Wolfe’s Pond Park Beach, Staten Island

Swimming is permitted at these eight beaches 10a–6p daily, when lifeguards are on duty. (All other times swimming is strictly prohibited.) Also, it’s important to remember that COVID-19 is still out there. So there are rules to follow in order to keep everyone safe from the spread of the virus — namely, maintaining social-distance guidelines, wearing a mask and washing your hands frequently.

NYC Parks ambassadors will circulate masks at beaches and keep eyes out to ensure we’re all keeping six feet apart from one another. (The ambassadors will also likely direct traffic on the beach when and if certain sections become too crowded.)

Also, keep in mind that public bathrooms at the city beaches are open. If you must use them, wear a mask and bring your own sanitizer to use before and after. And, as food stands begin to reopen this summer, it might be smart to pack your own rations for now just in case selections are sparse. And be sure to bring plenty of water!

photo: nycmayorsoffice