How To Be A Good Customer During The Second-Phase Reopening

New York City is about to look a little different. Neighborhoods are gearing up for the second-phase reopening, which means that restaurants will be able to consider curbside seating to accommodate customers. (You can check out details about city and state regulations here.)

So for the first time many New Yorkers will be able to enjoy the pleasures of outdoor dining at favorite spots not previously able to put tables and chairs out on the sidewalk. But you can expect some guidance to ensure that you’re being a good patron, helping to prevent flare-ups of coronavirus while supporting local businesses. This guidance amounts to what you probably already know, but it’s worth reiterating that the second phase of reopening does not mean that things are back to normal. Continue to:

—Social distance: Keep six feet away from others when out in public

—Wear a mask: Workers at businesses will be required to wear masks; for their sake and for yours you should also continue to wear a face covering (yes, you can take it off when it’s time to scarf down your food and drink, of course)

—Keep your hands clean: This means you should try to bring hand sanitizer in case businesses do not have a place for members of the public to wash their hands  

—Stay home if you feel sick: This should be a no-brainer by now

You’ll likely notice that businesses will have posters up and safety plans made visible for customers; business owners and employees are doing their part to keep things safe as we begin to emerge from the NYC pause — you should do your part, too.