Key Resources For The Lower Manhattan Community During COVID-19

As Lower Manhattan pushes through the COVID-19 era, here is a list of resources we’ve created to help guide Downtown residents, workers and property owners. 


The Overnight Subway Shutdown: What Essential Workers Need To Know

Kids Of Front-Line New Yorkers Can Get Free Child Care. Here’s How.

Free Citi Bike Memberships Available For Health-Care, First-Responder And Transit Workers

Our Downtown Connection Bus Is Still Running And It’s Still Free

Are You A First Responder, Health-Care Or Transit Worker Who Needs Child Care?


It Just Got A Lot Simpler For New Yorkers To Apply For Unemployment Benefits

Are You Missing Your Stimulus Check?

Some Helpful Info For New Yorkers About Bill-Paying In The COVID-19 Era

Available Now: Financial Assistance For Restaurant Workers And Bartenders

Having Trouble Paying Rent? This Nonprofit Can Help.


Where To Get Care In Lower Manhattan

There’s A Job That Can Help Stop The Spread Of COVID-19

Did You Recover From COVID-19? Your Blood Could Help Save Lives.

Staying Fit While Staying Home: Virtual Online Classes From Lower Manhattan

Here’s How You Can Donate Supplies To Downtown Hospitals Right Now

Paging All Retired Doctors And Nurses Who Can Respond To The COVID-19 Crisis


How To Wash Your Cell Phone

Here’s How To Clean Your Mask (And How Often)


Hotlines To Help New Yorkers With Legal Advice — For Free

Support For New York City Property Owners Struggling With Taxes

How To Get A Break From Debt Collectors If You Lost Income Due To COVID-19


Are You A Senior Who Needs Your Meals Delivered?

Schools Are Giving Out Three Free Meals A Day For New Yorkers Who Need Them

New Program Helps New Yorkers Who Cannot Afford Food Delivery

Did You Stock Up Too Much? Here’s How You Can Donate Food.


Free Hotline Offers Help To Animal Lovers And Their Pets During The Pandemic

If A Tiger Can Get Coronavirus, What About My Cat?

Pet Supply Shops Are Essential Businesses: Support Petropolis


Everyone Should Wear A Mask, CDC Says

Repeat After Me: Do Not Drink Bleach

Repeat After Me: Do Not Flush Disinfectant Wipes Down The Toilet

What Are The Rules Of Jogging During A Pandemic?

New York City’s Newest Litter Trend? Masks And Gloves.

Do A Good Deed. Avoid Grocery-Shopping Early In The Month.

Need To Run An Errand? Here Are Some Tips For Staying Safe.

It’s Time To Get A Library Card And Read Everything You Always Meant To Read

How Much To Tip Your Delivery Person During The Pandemic


Does Your Child Need Technology For Remote Learning

How To Get Free Home WiFi In New York City


How To Run A Booze Takeout Window

Attention, Downtown Restaurants: These Orgs Are Offering Help To You And Your Workers

Small-Business Owners: Zoom Into This Helpful Webinar Series

Five Ways To Simplify Applying For The Paycheck Protection Program

Having Trouble Applying To PPP? Law Students Are Here To Help.

How Small Businesses Can Apply For Financial Assistance: All You Need To Know

Support for New York City Property Owners Struggling with Taxes

Here Are GoFundMes For Your Favorite Lower Manhattan Restaurants


Make Sure You Can Vote, Despite The Pandemic. Here’s How.

How To Complete The 2020 Census — Even If You’re Living Remotely