Ramen, Glass, Egg, Drunken: Where To Order All The Noodles In Lower Manhattan Right Now

Few things in this world are more satisfying than piles and piles of steaming hot noodles. And yet striking the right balance of sweet and spicy is a culinary feat hard to perfectly achieve at home. Current circumstances prevent us from witnessing our neighborhood masters of Asian cuisine cook up their specialties, but that doesn’t mean we can’t satisfy our cravings. The following is a collection of those who are still slinging noodles Downtown.

 —A hearty serving of Shoyu ramen from Kuu (20 John Street) is appropriate for any meal of the day, any month of the year. (This should not be considered a controversial statement.) You can order directly on Kuu’s site

—If it’s glass noodles you’re craving, Gunbae (67 Murray Street) has a stir-fry dish drizzled in a savory oyster sauce. Delivery and pickup orders can be placed between 5p and 10p. 

Aroy Dee Thai (20 John Street) is the go-to for drunken noodles, not to mention vermicelli, rice noodles and egg noodles.  

For other types of cuisine that are still being served in the neighborhood, we’ve compiled (and are constantly updating) this living list of Lower Manhattan restaurants and food sources so that you won’t have to scramble to keep up with what’s currently available.

If we have left anything out please reach out via Twitter or email.

photo: iStock