Downtowners Are Getting More Space To Stretch On Pearl Street

New Yorkers are going to get some more space, thanks to 27 miles of city streets that the Department of Transportation will close to traffic so people can enjoy the outdoors while keeping at safe distances. 

These open streets will help the city accommodate social distancing. In Lower Manhattan, beginning Saturday, May 23, Pearl Street, between Cedar Street and Whitehall Street, will become a pedestrian esplanade daily from 11a–3p. Temporary barricades and signage will be posted on either end of the stretch to designate the protected area as restricted to traffic. 

That means through-traffic is prohibited, and vehicle traffic will be limited to local deliveries, pickups and dropoffs and necessary city-service vehicles. (The drivers are advised to go no faster than 5 miles per hour.)

So take (safely) to the streets!

photo: @nyc_dot