Here’s How To Clean Your Mask (And How Often)

Now that face masks are part of your routine whenever you leave the house (riiiiiiight?), it’s probably a decent idea to take a few minutes and go over a few of the more efficient methods to keep your reusable cloth masks as clean as possible. Your lungs and breath will thank you. 

The following rules of thumb are courtesy of the New York City Health Department:

—Cloth face masks should be washed at least once a day by hand or machine using detergent. 

—The face-covering should be fully dry before using. 

—You should have at least two face coverings so you can rotate for washing.

—Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water before putting on and taking off since you will be touching your face.

—Do not throw your face covering loose in a bag or backpack or place on a surface where contamination is possible, such as countertops or kitchen tables.

—When not in use, store your face mask in a plastic bag.

So there you have it — follow these rules and the face-guard that protects you (and others) from the spread of COVID-19 should keep in good condition. And, while we’re on the subject of cleanliness, don’t forget to brush up on how to wash your cell phone.