BREAKING: An Egg Has Hatched In The Water Street Falcon’s Nest

So, you thought it was just another Tuesday during an endless string of days and nights staying at home during New York City’s coronavirus pause? 

Well, you were wrong.

Today, at least one perfectly fuzzy falcon emerged from an egg in the nesting spot at 55 Water Street, under the watchful Big Brother eye of the live cam

The Downtown Alliance has been dutifully following this little family for the past several weeks. First, in late March, there was the observation that there was a bird hanging out there. Second, when the bird left the nest (presumably to find food), it was confirmed that she was sitting on several eggs. Then there was the observation that she has a mate — a Downtown Alliance staffer was fortunate to catch a glimpse of him on one of his visits to the nest. 

And now there are three. And, hopefully, counting. On Tuesday, after dropping morsels of food into the tiny falcon’s beak, the mom repositioned herself on top of the hatched chick and his or her still egg-encased siblings. A mom’s job is never done, right? 

Keep an eye out for this growing family all day and night here, from the comfort of your own nest.