You Can Still Celebrate Nature And Help The Planet This Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up on April 22, which also marks its 50th anniversary. Ever since the event’s founding in 1970, Earth Day has aimed to raise environmental awareness and drive positive action for the planet.

Where in years past, Earth Day enthusiasts might have teamed up to clean up a park or plant trees, this year’s festivities will be quite different, given the COVID-19 outbreak, which also underscores the all-important mission of the day. That’s why people are coming together on April 19 for the Earth Day 50 Virtual Kick-Off. This digital “day of action” will be one of the first mass mobilizations to happen in the wake of the global pandemic. 

Co-hosted by Earth Day Initiative and March for Science NYC, the digital day of action will feature a live stream with useful info about climate science, its relationship to infectious diseases and public health and ways to engage in advocacy on the local level. 

“We are going to use the technology and tools available to us to demonstrate what activism can look like in the 21st Century,” the organizers wrote. “Show up for Earth Day 50, not in person, but as part of the global connected community of people who want a better future.”

photo: March for Science