Our Downtown Connection Bus Is Still Running And It’s Still Free

Everyone knows that the best thing to do right now (for yourself, your family, your neighbors and even New Yorkers you don’t know) is to stay home. But sometimes you do have to get out for a grocery run, a breath of fresh air or to give your eyes a rest from the neverending stream of news feeds. 

Remember that the Downtown Alliance’s Downtown Connection bus is still operating every day and is still 100% free. Our sanitation team is keeping it extra clean (with a deep cleaning at night and regular wipe-downs during the day). With seven state-of-the-art buses and 36 stops around the perimeter of Lower Manhattan, the Downtown Connection is NYC’s only free circulator bus service. As more people are finding themselves out of work or working fewer hours, we also hope that this free service helps people who are keeping budgets tight. 

Hopefully the Downtown Connection helps you make the most out of your increasingly rare and precious outings, whether it be stocking up on groceries or catching a glimpse of the anomalously empty Downtown cityscape. 

You can check out our map and NextBus (via their iPhone and Android apps) to find out when the next big red bus will arrive. If you have to get out of the house, the bus is here to help.  

UPDATE, Friday, April 17: As of 8p, all vehicle capacities will be reduced to 50% and all passengers are required to wear face masks in order to board, per guidance from the governors of New York and New Jersey.