Live For Free In Lower Manhattan All Summer Long *And* Get Paid

The summer job: It’s a typically practical endeavor, a chance to earn some extra cash. If you’re lucky, it’s sometimes kind-of fun. But it’s never your dream job, right?


Announcing the Lower Manhattan Explorer In Chief Dream Job contest: This is a chance to spend three adventure-filled months, from June 1 to August 30, in New York City as Lower Manhattan’s dedicated storyteller, living rent-free in extended-stay digs just off Wall Street (such as Sonder Stock Exchange) and getting paid. 

This summer dream job contest is a win-win. For the Explorer In Chief, it’s a life-changing opportunity to work as a travel ambassador in one of the world’s highest profile tourism destinations. For the Downtown Alliance, it’s a game-changing way to showcase Lower Manhattan and why it is and always will be an extraordinary place to visit and live. 

But first, we’ve got to find you! We’re holding a nationwide search for an urban explorer who is charismatic and comfortable as the center of attention but who also knows that the location is, ultimately, the star of the story.  

The Downtown Alliance is accepting applications from March 2 to March 15 at 11:59p. Apply now!