Chinatown Restaurants Dedicated To Bringing Deliciousness Right To Your Door

Restaurants across the city have recently shuttered to sit-down service in response to the coronavirus pandemic. That includes the dim sum haunts and bakeries of New York City’s beloved and iconic Chinatown. Fortunately, several establishments within those famously twisty streets have decided to remain open for delivery and takeout orders (so be sure to tip them well)!

Buddha Bodai

A reliable kosher vegan spot that is supplied with an ample selection of affordable dishes that has carnivores hankering for their barbecue entrees (Seamless | DoorDash | Grubhub | Postmates). (5 Mott Street)

Canton Lounge

Treat yourself to some dumplings (Beyond Menu | Seamless | Grubhub). (70 Mott Street)

Carol’s Bun
This Eater-recommended will march beef brisket noodle soup and steamed bean curd with stuffed shrimp right to your door (Beyond Menu | GrubhubDoorDash). (139 East Broadway)

Famous Sichuan

All the chefs are originally from the Sichuan province, and they brought all their spicy culinary skills with them (Seamless | DoorDash | Grubhub | Postmates). (10 Pell Street)

Shanghai 21

Never say “no” to General Tso’s from this place. Or anything else in their menu’s pages, for that matter (Simple Menu | Seamless | 212-766-6311. (21 Mott Street)


Order all the pot stickers and red curry you think you can handle, because there’s always leftovers (Seamless | Grubhub | Postmates). (75 Baxter Street)