Filling Out The Census Is The Easiest Way To Help The Future Of Your Community

The COVID-19 outbreak and its ongoing impact on communities shows just how essential local resources are. Many key budgetary decisions that keep neighborhoods functioning are determined by census data.

When you fill out the 2020 Census — a survey the federal government only sends out once every 10 years — you’re helping determine how much funding an area gets for critical health care resources (e.g. hospitals), in addition to playgrounds, schools, colleges, airports, bridges, roads, tunnels and ferries.

Not only that, utility companies use the census to calculate rate subsidies for poor, elderly or disabled customers. Decisions about the allocation of firefighting and policing rescues are also dependent on census information. 

So, go to and fill out the questionnaire. It only takes 10 minutes — and it’s one of the best things you can do for your community right now.

One final note: Remember that federal law protects all your info on the census, so the ability to access your personal identity is limited to only a select few Census 2020 professionals.