These Four Burgers At The Bailey Are Absolute Units. Especially The One With Black Truffle Mayo.

There are four burgers that you must demolish at The Bailey (52 William Street). All are worth your time during the midday break with a side of draft beer or a stiff drink, and they are particularly suited for anyone looking to drift gracefully into a blissful weekend of sloth. Get a head start on selecting your next juicy indulgence now.

1. The Bailey Burger

The Bailey burger is a classic concoction but anything but basic: Swiss, cheddar or blue cheese is melted over a patty and topped with red onion, dill pickle, lettuce and tomato. Hand-cut fries, obviously, act as a perfect sidekick ($19).

2. The Bull Burger

This all-natural, cornfed Brandy beef proprietary blend also gets a side of hand-cut fries. But the whole get-up is brought together by the delectable aforementioned black truffle mayo — it’s a new obsession for the Alliance and should also be yours ($22).

3. The Double Burger

There’s a southern slant to this burger — and extra meat: Two patties get slathered with American cheese before being sandwiched with buttermilk slaw, barrel pickles and, if that’s not enough, bacon. Plus, of course, those hand-cut fries ($22).

4. The Turkey Burger

The turkey burger gets all the fix’ins, a side salad and (wait for it) hand-cut fries ($19).

See? There’s something for all carnivorous palates at The Bailey. Bonus points if you have enough room to order the delicious, perfectly spiced guacamole on the side.