A Clairvoyant Is Coming To Gild Hall To Help Your Love Life

It’s only natural for Valentine’s Day to bring up the ghosts of love-life past and lead to speculation about the future holds, romance-wise.

So if, on February 14, you find yourself seeking answers at the bottom of a bottle of wine, try weathering your hangover the following day by consulting the occult. On February 15 at Gild Hall, psychic Suzanne Lynch is breaking loose from her usual digs (upstairs in the Soho bistro Raoul’s) to offer private tarot readings. So, go ahead. See what’s in the cards for your love life. Whether you’re single and curious about when that will change, or coupled and wonder where it’s headed, it could be worth getting the expert to decipher the swords, wands, coins and cups.

Readings are offered from 5p to 8p. Get tickets here

UPDATE, Monday, February 10: FYI: This event has been canceled. More info on Gild Hall programs and performances can be found here.