Paper Source Marries The Art Of Letter Writing With Cafe Culture

The art of letter writing isn’t dead, and a new Paper Source at 50 Broad Street not only proves this — it brings this age-old tradition back into our hectic and bustling world. It provides not only all the stationary needed for every imaginable pen-on-paper occasion, but also the cafe setting and coffee to fuel your heartfelt words.

Right inside the new shop is Maman Cafe, a beloved French-style cafe, serving up all kinds of snacky cakes (Oprah swears by their macadamia multi-chocolate chip cookies). 

Not everything has to be in real time: Have a seat, enjoy a cup of coffee and take a few moments to catch up on some real correspondence. 

Sure, you’re reading about it on a blog. But, now that you know, why not try to put down your screens and take up your pens? This new Paper Source is a perfect excuse.