Will Meat Become Moot? A One-Day Conference Weighs The Future Of Food.

The Impossible Burger or pork grown in a petri dish — what’s better? The ethics of meat (and the question of going meatless) in the age of climate change is clearly on people’s minds. Ask anyone who’s frequented Amanda Cohen’s new plant-based Lekka Burger.

So: what will the future of meat look like?

The upcoming resilience summit at Pace University, “The Future of Meat?,” on Friday, March 6, 2020, seeks to weigh the complex ethical, environmental and practical dimensions of consuming animal-based products. Here’s a preview of the topics that will shape the day’s discussions:

“Meat is considered the center of the Standard American Diet with Americans eating four times more meat than the global average. The UN predicts that consumption of animal-based food will rise 80% in the next few decades. This rise in global meat-eating threatens to increase deforestation in the Amazon and other parts of the world. Yet, many people around the world are protein-deficient and nutritionists argue that meat can help fill that need … The conference will bring together varying perspectives on regenerative and plant-based meat, the relationship between livestock production and climate change, nutrition and consumer diets, the future role of animals in the agricultural system, and how will the world get its protein in the future.”

Join experts, activists and community members for what will surely be some sustainable food for thought from 8:45a to 5p at 1 Pace Plaza. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. General admission is $35.