Guess Where Lower Manhattan’s Newest Financier Is Hiding

Whether you’re a zealous bargain hunter or shopping-averse, whether you need a whole new wardrobe or an easy outfit update, everyone already has good reason to pop into Century 21 (21 Dey Street), a New York City institution. And now there’s one more reason to frequent one of the city’s most famous and fashionable department stores: Deliciousness.

Nestled away on the third floor is a quiet little nook where you can take a load off and down a latte. Financier Patisserie, one of New York’s most consistently delicious patisseries, has set up shop there with plenty of seating for a much-needed break. And since nothing piques an appetite quite like hours of shopping, naturally there are sandwiches and quiches, too. 

For extra fuel for your frugality, try the chocolate eclair — sweet but not too sweet, perfectly filling and yet light as air. 

So, consume, but consume smartly. Get that iconic designer dress that can outlast all the fleeting planet-taxing trends on the cheap, and then treat yourself to a quality pastry to celebrate.