You Know There’s A Free Downtown Bus, Right?

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that New York is one incredibly pricey place to live. Sometimes it feels like there’s a $20 fee just to leave your apartment. But every now and then, there’s a miraculous exception.

You can get a free ride (with free WiFi) around Lower Manhattan. Yes, 100 percent free. Hop on the Downtown Alliance’s Downtown Connection bus. With seven state-of-the-art buses and 36 stops around the perimeter of Lower Manhattan, the Downtown Connection is NYC’s only free circulator bus service. 

The big red bus is easy to spot — either on account of its distinctly bright color or by tracking online via the NextBus app (iPhone | Android). The Downtown Connection comes about every 10 minutes on weekdays and every 15 on weekends.

Service runs daily from 10a to 7:30p. Don’t miss your chance to experience one of the few free things this city has to offer. Here’s a map for ya: