Celebrate Carnival With Caipirinhas At Cedar Local

Some call it Carnival. Others say Mardi Gras. We call it “happy hour,” but what’s most important for anyone looking to live it up before Lent kicks in, Cedar Local (25 Cedar Street) has the perfect drink.

It’s the caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail, which is appropriate since Rio has the world’s largest carnival celebration. The caipirinha is normally comprised of cachaça, sugar, and lime — but the Cedar offers up three special twists on this classic cocktail: spiced pineapple, strawberry-mint or mojito-style (pictured here).

If you observe the Lenten season, weeks of good behavior are on the horizon. Since these three special caipirinhas are offered through February 29 at a most generous price ($10), why not try them all?