Now’s The Time For Your Child To Become Your In-House Ice Cream Chef

It’s a teaching moment at Big Gay Ice Cream. The ice cream outfit’s Seaport location (207 Front Street) is offering classes for kids on February 17, 19 and 21. Seriously, if your progeny learns how to make the store’s treats, everyone in the household stands to benefit.

Better still, the classes are broken down by theme. So if your kids (between ages 9 and 12) have a vested interest in milkshakes (February 17), sundaes (February 19) or specialty cones (February 21), they can attend the specialized class of their choice.

The need-to-know portion of the program: All of the ice cream is gluten-free and contains dairy. Each ticket includes one kid and one parent; each parent can bring up to two kids. Classes start at 12p. Tickets are $15. Claim your spot (and your Big Gay Ice Cream goodie bag and $10 gift card!) here.