The Puerto Rican Pastry You Have To Pair With Your Morning Brew

Nothing puts a damper on a good coffee shop quite like a mediocre selection of the same old snacks. And coffee on an empty stomach is no way to start the day. That’s why 787 Coffee (66 Pearl Street) is a godsend for the hungry and under-caffeinated: They’ve got a rare treat that you didn’t even know is sorely missing from your morning routine.

Aside from the independent operation’s cultivating and processing its own beans from its farm in Puerto Rico, 787 has furthered its farm-to-table game with a beloved Puerto Rican pastry baked daily: quesitos de guayaba.

This delicious treat is comprised of crispy not-too-sweet puff pastry wrapped around a two-tone filling of cream cheese and sweet guava. The way the bold and tangy fruit blends with the delicate creaminess inside that flaky baked texture — well, let’s just say this is far from a tired old danish. Try pairing it with a frothy and strong cappuccino.

787 also serves up quesitos in several varieties, both sweet and savory flavors, but we see no reason to deviate from guava perfection. One thing’s for sure: Your usual bacon, egg and cheese can take the day off.