Five Writers Who Are Owning The Newsletter Game

In recent years, the newsletter has been revived as a critical platform for building a large and loyal digital following. From independent newsletters that cover grassroots action to curated big media blasts from publishers in the mainstream media, the medium is really reaching people — without manipulative social-media algorithms. 

So, how’s this for timely? Journalist Maya Kosoff, who launched the remarkably eclectic newsletter pithy outcomes last year, is moderating a panel of writers and editors at the top of the newsletter game for LMHQ’s February Women’s Breakfast, “The Newsletter Comeback.”

Panelists include Nisha Chittal (Vox’s engagement editor), Jessanne Collins (director of newsletters at The New Yorker), Obama 2012 digital strategist Laura Olin and Edith Zimmerman (Drawing Links, founding editor of The Hairpin). The conversation will envelop all things newsletter — from outlining best practices to the impact the medium has on how writers and publications engage with audiences.

Join LMHQ (150 Broadway, 20th Floor) on February 20 at 8:30a. There will be bagels and coffee. Get tickets here