Reminder: You Can Watch A Live Cam Of The Lower Manhattan Skyline Right Now

Even when you love living and working in a city like New York, the day-to-day bustle combined with the density of people and frequency of sights and sounds can sometimes force your mind into shut-down mode. 

But there’s an easy way to gain perspective that doesn’t require a long break from the office or the procurement of noise-cancelling headphones: Anyone can have access to a view of the spectacular skyline of Lower Manhattan in real time, even if you’re stuck in a cubicle, with this EarthCam

Offering a viewpoint from New Jersey, this live cam was originally set up to let everyone see the progress being made in rebuilding the World Trade Center after 9/11. Even though One World Trade is all finished now, there’s still something soothing about watching the ripples in the Hudson as light refracts in different shades off of skyscrapers throughout the day. 

It goes to show that live cams aren’t just for watching those amazing bears in Alaska. But if you’re skeptical that a view of the city you’re stuck in will actually give you the break you need, there’s a good alternative that’s still Lower Manhattan-centric. 

If you’re someone who needs some wildlife in your live cam to really take a breather, a live cam at 55 Water Street gives you an inside look at a peregrine falcon nesting site right here in Lower Manhattan. The live stream is active only when there’s some real action in the nesting site (usually in the spring months). 

Need those fuzzy little fledglings circa right now? Don’t worry: There are archives