Corn Vs. Flour: Tortilla Poll Results Divide Lower Manhattan

Mad Dog & Beans on Stone Street | Lower Manhattan
Mad Dog & Beans on Stone Street | Lower Manhattan

FACT: We respect that our job — as dedicated BID employees serving the entire Lower Manhattan community — means we build strong, reciprocal relationships with local businesses. Occasionally, these professional connections mirror the whimsy we foster in personal friendships.

That is where the gang at Mad Dog & Beans on Stone Street comes in. The debate started innocently enough with a question regarding flavor preferences: Which tortilla is better, one made of flour or corn?

Our initial findings determined their and our staff were split 50/50 between the two types, along with a few claiming no preference provided the vessel of choice made it to their hangry mouths without spilling precious filling.

This left us no choice but to ask our online community — surely that group would be able to break the stalemate, right?

WRONG. So wrong. And quite telling.

Accurate portrayal of Downtown Alliance staff's tortilla poll results

In total, flour and corn each received exactly 50 percent of the vote, but there were key differences between the channels we polled. Of those who voted via Instagram Stories, 79 percent preferred flour tortillas; meanwhile, 56 percent of those who voted on Facebook rallied behind corn. It is interesting to note that audiences on Facebook and Twitter voluntarily left more comments that “corn” was the better choice. And one health-conscious soul skipped the vote altogether to recommend gluten-free lettuce wraps (appreciate the tip, Adam).

So there you have it. We may never know if the people have one definitive tortilla flavor, but at least we can all enjoy queso around the same table. Maybe.