A Democratic-Socialist Takeover At McNally Jackson

Chances are you’ve heard the phrase “democratic socialism” thrown around quite a bit these days — sometimes with ardent enthusiasm and hope, other times with fear and scorn. Now there’s a great way to learn more about this increasingly popular point of view: On Wednesday, January 29, join The New Republic’s climate reporter Kate Aronoff at McNally Jackson’s Seaport shop (4 Fulton Street) as she discusses the newly-published book, ”We Own The Future: Democratic Socialism — American Style,” which she co-edited with Peter Dreier and Michael Kazin.

The compilation features essays from leading leftist thinkers:

“How Socialists Changed America”
Peter Dreier and Michael Kazin

“Toward a Third Reconstruction”
Andrea Flynn, Susan Holmberg, Dorian Warren, and Felicia Wong

“A Three-Legged Stool for Racial and Economic Justice”
Darrick Hamilton

“Democratic Socialism for a Climate-Changed Century”
Naomi Klein

“Governing Socialism”
Bill Fletcher Jr.

“We the People: Voting Rights, Campaign Finance, and Election Reform”
J. Mijin Cha

“Confronting Corporate Power”
Robert Kuttner

“Building the People’s Banks”
David Dayen

“Democracy, Equality, and the Future of Workers”
Sarita Gupta, Stephen Lerner, and Joseph A. McCartin

“Who Gets to Be Safe? Prisons, Police, and Terror”
Aviva Stahl

“On Immigration: A Socialist Case for Open Borders”
Michelle Chen

“On Foreign Policy: War from Above, Solidarity from Below”
Tejasvi Nagaraja

“Livable Cities”
Thomas J. Sugrue

“What Does Health Equity Require? Racism and the Limits of Medicare for All”
Dorothy Roberts

“The Family of the Future”
Sarah Leonard

“Defending and Improving Public Education”
Pedro Noguera

“Reclaiming Competition: Sports and Socialism”
David Zirin

“What About a Well-Fed Artist? Imagining Cultural Work in a Democratic Socialist Society”
Francesca Fiorentini

“How Socialism Surged, and How It Can Go Further”
Harold Meyerson

“Afterword: A Day in the Life of a Socialist Citizen”
Michael Walzer

The discussion is 7p and is as free as health care in Sweden. Until then, “We Own the Future” is available for preorder and you can read Aronoff’s 2017 piece at The New Republic, “Are the Democratic Socialists of America For Real?