How To Schvitz At The Wall Street Bath

For those who’re curious about what wonders await below the Wall Street Bath’s awning at 88 Fulton Street, the spa’s website lists all the amenities one can expect for its (quite reasonable) $50 all-day admission. And once you arrive, you’ll want to know the dos and don’ts.

1. It’s an admirable thing to “groom” or “manscape” or whatever your preferred term for maintaining body hair, but please do your trimming and shaving in the locker rooms.

2. In the Schvitz Room, when you’re no longer able to take the heat, be aware of your personal space before you dunk that bucket of cold water over your head. No need to get others wet who aren’t ready for a blast of chill down their backs.

3. Leave no wet towel behind — seriously, if you’ve already soaked through one, then just be sure to pick up after yourself instead of letting it sit on the floor. (This helps the rooms smell nicer.)

4. Don’t show off in the Russian Room by splashing a bucket inside the oven. The heat is meticulously maintained and controlled in there. Between staff and membership holders, someone is regularly stepping in to take care of the heat, so no need to create humidity in a room that’s not designed for it.

5. Sometimes you may run across a crew of younger bachelor-party types who indulge in spirits while breaking sweats. Although infused house vodka shots from the juice bar can be tempting, make sure to think ahead. Did you come to banya to leave with a hangover? Stick to water or juice or any other type of non-alcoholic beverage. Hydration is key.

6. Keep the doors to closed. If you’re contemplating which room to enter next, conduct all your deliberations in the hallway.

7. Turn off your smartphone and leave it in your locker. If you’re still running back to look at it, check it into your lock-box at the front desk. Outside of maybe a movie theater, this is the best NYC venue to force yourself off of the grid for a couple hours.

8. Come on an empty stomach, or at the very least don’t eat anything too heavy. Try the borscht at the cafe upstairs when you’re done, or another smart move would be one of the well-recommended ramen houses in the neighborhood.

9. Cycling through the Infrared Room, the Steam Room and the Schvitz Room can be a cathartic and yet simultaneously exhausting experience. In a good way! Be sure to carve out time and take advantage of the lounge couches downstairs. A little nap after all the work you put in during that sweat session is well-deserved.