Mulchfest 2020: The Greener Way To Dispose Of Your Trees, Wreaths

Here’s a link to a Facebook event to mark on your calendar: On Saturday, January 4, bring your old trees and wreaths to Bowling Green Park for Mulchfest 2020. For two hours (9-11a), the New York City Parks Department will put a wood-chipper truck to work on any trees (free of lights and ornaments) brought their way.

Last year, more than 28,000 trees were recycled. The Parks Department has fingers crossed to top that number.

And FYI: If you want to hang onto your holiday greenery a little longer, they’ll be a repeat of Mulchfest on Saturday, January 11. (Again, from 9a to 11a.)

So let your friends and neighbors know. We’ll see you there.