Recommendation: Five & Dime’s White Russian For A Mid-Day Break

As far as cocktails go, the white Russian is an easy order. At least, from the patron’s perspective. But it’s not necessarily the sort of drink one would toss back directly after work when in decompression mode, and it’s certainly not something to ask of a busy barkeep late at night, especially if you’re already a few rounds in. Who knows how your stomach might punish you with a surprise layer of dairy?

But on a quiet mid-day, in a reasonably low-key patch of Lower Manhattan, the cocktail list at Five & Dime (8 Park Place) has the perfect antidote to that afternoon slump.

Mark Mohrmann’s mischievous little coffee/cocktail lounge has a number of sweet and potent concoctions just begging one to break away whatever you’re doing — working in an office or sightseeing — for just a bit. (The bar menu is titled “Daily Trouble” after all and has a quote from W.C. Fields on, I mean, c’mon.) Of all the delicious possible selections, you really can’t go wrong with the classic white Russian.

The recipe itself is easy enough to throw in a tumbler: 2.5 ounces of vodka (Five & Dime uses Ravo, made from all natural winter wheat); 1.5 ounces of coffee liqueur; but, instead of using your everyday store-bought, two-ounce jigger of cream, Five & Dime opts for Califia Farms’s unsweetened oat milk; then, they top off the mixture with a made-in-house coffee syrup (0.5 ounces), shake it up and pour over ice.

It’s certainly a beverage worth indulging in if you’ve got a few minutes in between meetings, and it’s not like Five & Dime’s team won’t be there to serve you with a smile. Their hours are 7a to midnight. Happy hour is 4p to 7p.