Bar Wayo’s Curry Doughnut Makes Eater’s Top Dishes List: ‘An Essay In Crunch, Salt And Heat’

As the critics’ corners continue to garner attention this time of year, it’s not always because everyone enjoys singling out, say, an egregiously embarrassing Rotten Tomatoes rating for a certain super-hyped billion-dollar franchise. Sometimes, and it seems especially as of late in Lower Manhattan, there are moments of praise that remind us of the especially scrumptious spots in town that have nothing whatsoever to do with J.J. Abrams. Case in point: Eater food critic Ryan Sutton’s 18 best dishes of 2019 list, which includes neighborhood favorite Bar Wayō for its curry doughnut, a savory number Sutton describes as “an essay in crunch, salt and heat.” 

More from Sutton on the Wayō curry doughnut:  

Momofuku’s new Seaport bar is an easy answer to the dilemma of where to get a drink with a stunning waterside view. And yet the food, by chef de cuisine Sam Kang, merits a visit in its own right. Throughout the fall I found myself asking various coworkers, “Hey, have you tried Wayō’s doughnut?” Coconut flakes and curry powder line the outside of the savory pastry, while a spicy tomato mushroom paste fills the softer inside.

Add Sutton’s filing to the other recent accolades that have come Wayō’s way, notably its “smoky, translucent” clam chowder making New York Times’s restaurant critic Pete Wells’s list of “Top 10 New York Dishes of 2019.”