This Slide Is Huge

Tucked away in Battery Park City is an amazing two-acre oasis in between Warren and Murray Streets (just west of North End Ave) known as Teardrop Park. It feels like some kind of secret even locals aren’t supposed to know about.

The park opened 15 years ago and sees its share of New Yorkers make use of it for outdoor fitness routines, a quiet lunch or just to get some shade in the hotter seasons. Kids use it, too — to climb around rocky steps, cavort in the sandpits and, for those in the know, slide on this HUGE slide that measures a whopping 33 feet in length.

Meet Harvey, age three. This young man was kind enough to take time out of his schedule (read: binging Disney+) to demonstrate the truly awesome power of this fully operational Teardrop Park slide.

Take it away, Harvey:

Let’s see that again:

Harvey’s impression of Peter Billingsley visiting the mall Santa in A Christmas Story:

Ready for takeoff:

The obligatory boomerang: