Ramen Recommendations In Lower Manhattan

We’ve entered the perennial chilly season that often plagues Lower Manhattan humankind with head colds and discourages everyone from leaving their apartments. So here’s reminder of a common antidote for these ill feelings, and one which is easily accessible in the neighborhood: A steaming, carbo-load of ramen. Consider the following pair of noodle outposts for what ails you.

Kuu Ramen (20 John St)

The Kuu operation is bustling inside a snug little space that requires one to keep alert for when a seat becomes available, but their flavorful bowls make the shoebox experience soo worth it. Even their $13 Miso Pork, the most basic of ramen dishes, brims with layered flavors as a result of Chef Susumu’s crafting his chicken-and-fish broth for eight-plus hours, then mixing with chashu pork, egg, noodles, green onion, arugula, bean sprouts, bamboo, sesame, corn, garlic chips, butter and chili oil. Just don’t go in groups!

Menya Jiro (inside BentOn Cafe; 123 William St)

Okay, so say all of your cubicle people ended up tagging along because everyone’s hankering for the ramen. Your best option? Menya Jiro on William: Founded in Japan’s Kagoshima District, this location has resided in Lower Manhattan since 2017, where they’ve been met with critical acclaim. Try their Spicy Ramen Sakurajima, a $15 bowl with chicken tonkotsu broth, spicy chashu pork, scallion, bean sprout and fried garlic.

—Emma Fecko